PC Database Solutions developed a database to track data and costs unique to our industry and location. What used to take days -- to input data and produce accurate reports -- now takes only minutes. We continue to be impressed with how quickly they grasp the complexities of our reporting needs, and consistently respond with timely, cost effective, and thorough solutions.


-- Adele Maruo,Leader Creek Fisheries, Alaska

PC Database Solutions analyzed our operations and suggested procedures to greatly improve our accuracy and efficiency. They then quickly and cost effectively developed an Access database that is the central piece of software in our business.  Our PDS Project Managers are smart, insightful, timely, and easy to work with. We will continue to use them as we grow and the needs of our business changes.


-- David Lawrence, President/CEO, Family Resource Home Care

We originally started working with PC Database Solutions approximately 14 years ago. We were probably a huge challenge because we wanted a quoting system developed, but we were using a pieced-together Lotus spreadsheet and had no idea where to begin.  Our Project Manager understood our need and developed a state-of-the-art system that we are using today.  Over the years there have been many revisions and updates to the quoting system.  PDS has developed a series of databases for us that are all tied together and working extremely well.  We manage one of the larger insurance trust programs in the state of Washington, and PDS has been very responsive to our needs and the changes necessary for us to continue to be a force in our industry.  I would heartily recommend PC Database Solutions.


-- Robert P Dickey, RHU, REBC, Executive Director, WBACC Insurance Trust